Terms and conditions

Terms of Use 1. User Acceptance The terms stated as “we”,”us” refer to the platform gigbies.com. This data also serves as an agreement between Gigbies and the User of the platform. By clicking on the Agree button, you accept that henceforth you will abide by all the rules laid down by us. Failure to do so will force us to use strict laws against 2. User Accounts and Registration You maybe required to sign-up with your details. At this juncture we expect you to enter current, complete, truthful, and accurate information as prompted by the applicable registration form. Where required, Gigbies will also assign you a username and password. You will be responsible for maintaining your own credentials. 3. Privacy Rules Please read Gigbies’s Privacy Policy for more information regarding the collection and use of your information. 4. Proper use of the Platform After registering on the Platform, we grant you a complete and limited right to use and access our Platform as permitted by us. All rights are held by us. You agree to follow the restrictions listed below: • Not to try inject/tamper with basic software coding present on the backend of the website • Strictly follow the communication aspect that states everything happens via E-mail 5. Users Content You will be considered liable if you upload any content that is illegal for local laws. Any communication that happens out of the preferred medium is not held liable to us. 7. Order Confirmation The Seller Services are not confirmed until user receives an order confirmation (the “Order”) from the Seller. The Seller has the right to have some conditions of his own, which also don’t violate the sanctity of the working of the website. Details of which are to be discussed by Seller and Buyer.Gigbies is not responsible for any Orders or the delivery of any Seller Services. 9. Seller and User Disputes In case of any disputes between seller and buyer, it is requested that they resolve their issue amicably. In cases where matters escalate to Gigbies, it is stated that whatever decision is taken by us will be the final verdict. 10. After Termination You can cancel your account at any time you want. In cases where your account is terminated by Gigbies, you won’t be able to access certain portions like withdrawing money. Events where your account will be terminates is given below. 11. Taxes Depending on the laws of your jurisdiction you may be taxed for any payments or purchases. In some cases we would be asking registered users for tax information in case the law officers pursue the same with us. 12. Chargebacks to the Seller We strive to protect our Sellers and in events where we detect fraudulent activity, we will pursue the same with local civil laws. 13. Idea’s Submission Gigbies or any of its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including but not limited to ideas relating to processes, technologies, product enhancements, or product names. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, content, artwork, suggestions, or other works (“Submissions”) in any form to Gigbies. The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes when Gigbies’s products might seem similar to ideas you submitted to Gigbies. 14. Intellectual Property Rules The Name, Banner, logoare our intellectual rights and no attempt should be made to use this without our consent. 15. Age Compliance Gigbies and its Platform may only be used by persons 18 years and older. 17. Force Majeure This comes in effect where we cannot control unforeseen problems which include natural calamities. 18. Severability In case of two memorandums conflicting with each other. Gigbies has the sole right to declare which one has the standing power. 19. Assignment of accounts No exchange of power happens without our consent. And only you are allowed to handle the account. 20. Amendments There will be constant updates on this page. The same will be conveyed to you via e-mail 21. Communication within the eco-system By registering on the website you allow us to communicate in “E-mail” with you. All the henceforth preferred medium is to be held the same. 22. Termination of Seller Accounts If any account is found to be of misconduct then Gigbies has the sole right to terminate any account without any warning. 23. Seller Service As a Seller you will be selling all kinds of services that are not harmful and do not violate any local laws. When you submit any Seller Services to us, you grant Gigbies the same licensing rights as listed in the Agreement for User Content. 24. Seller Service Rules The rules are stated below • Not a trace of any malicious software. • Content deemed illegal under US federal and state laws. • Be considered spam or “black hat” by search engines including Yahoo!, Google, or Bing. 25. Limited Payment Agent The Sellers agree that Gigbies and Sellers are the only two parties involved and there is no 3rd person in between, unless stated. 26. Seller Payments and Fees Once payment for any Seller Services has been received and the Order has been confirmed by Seller, Gigbieswill hold the money until the required work is delivered to buyer. In some cases when Buyer contacts us, we may need to hold the funds for more longer and everyone is requested to comply with the rules. Seller will receive money after deducting fees. 27. Refunds by Gigbies In the event of any refunds to any users for a Seller’s Order, Seller agrees that we may deduct the refund amount from any incoming payments or account balances held by Gigbies for Seller. We also have the right to invoice seller in case of shortage of funds. 28. Tax Rules Affiliate agrees to pay and withhold all taxes as required by their local laws and jurisdictions. In some instances Gigbies may withhold taxes for Affiliate. However, Affiliate agrees that Gigbies is not required to, cannot, and will not provide Affiliate with any tax or legal advice. 29. Fraud detection Gigbies actively monitors traffic for deceptive or fraudulent activity. If deception or fraud is detected as determined in Gigbies's sole discretion, Affiliate's account will be made inactive pending further investigation. 30. Relationship between the Parties Affiliate agrees that Gigbies is acting as an independent contractor in performing any services contemplated under this Agreement and that the relationship between the Gigbies and Affiliate shall not constitute a partnership, joint venture or agency. 31. Tax Documents In order for Gigbies comply with US tax laws, Affiliate may be required to submit W-9 forms or other tax documents. Affiliate agrees to comply with any requests to submit any tax documentation, as requested by Gigbies.